Useful Information

  • Details of Staff Numbers and Staff Training

    The home employs a Manager, Deputy Manager, Senior Carers, Care Assistants, Cooks and Domestics. (Their names and pictures are on display in the front porch area of the Home). The Home’s staff are selected for their qualities of reliability, integrity, skill, friendliness and professionalism. They are carefully screened and references checked thoroughly along with the statutory criminal records checks. During induction all staff is trained in-house by experienced qualified senior staff in the following critical subjects: are code of conduct, Confidentiality, Rights of clients, Health and Safety, Food Hygiene and Safety, Personal Care Tasks, Care Assistants Responsibilities. The home insists that all Care Assistants hold a minimum of NVQ level 2 in Care. All new members of staff must train to achieve this important qualification. The home also sends selected staff on external training courses for such topics as Food Hygiene, Care of the Elderly, First Aid, Drugs Practice, etc.
  • Accommodation

    The bungalow home has one twin bedded room and 13 single rooms. Social Rooms - There are two spacious lounges and two separate dining rooms, all centrally heated. Residents are encouraged to use these public rooms, however, residents who choose to stay in their own rooms may do so. Smoking, whilst generally discouraged within the Home, is allowed in the front lounge.
  • Admission

    Clients interested in coming to Thornlea Care Home are encouraged to visit the Home and sample the atmosphere and level of service.  Often day-care is available in order that the client may get to know the staff and adjust to new people and surroundings before actually being admitted. A month’s trial period is always given before taking permanent residency. Our registration enables anyone of 65 years or over to stay at Thornlea, provided we can meet their assessed care needs. (If you are under 65 please speak to the Registered Manager as our registration is ‘flexible‘ subject to certain criteria being met).
  • Financial Arrangements and Accommodation Charge

    We are committed to providing value for money within our comprehensive and caring service. The accommodation charge is dependent upon: 1) The type of facility required, and 2) The type of care package and needs of the individual resident. Residents can either pay their accommodation charge privately or receive benefits arranged by Social Services. The current rules governing Social Service benefits can be complicated and specific advice is available from the Home Manager. Accommodation Charges - What is included - Fully trained staff in 24 hour attendance, Good home cooking with provision for special diets, Computer and internet access with WIFI, Flat-screen televisions in all bedrooms, In-house Laundry Service, GP/Nurse visits, both in-house and at the local surgery, Nurse-call System in all rooms, In-house entertainment, Courtesy car. Accommodation Charges - What is not included - Dry cleaning, Weekly in-house hairdressing, Six-weekly in-house visits from a private state registered chiropodist, Private phone installation and calls, Toiletries, External day-care services (provided by Age UK), Newspapers.
  • Privacy and Dignity

    Staff are trained to strive to preserve and maintain the dignity, individuality and privacy of all residents within a warm and caring atmosphere, and in so doing will be sensitive to the residents' ever changing needs.
  • Fire Safety

    The Home has a modern Fire Alarm System fitted with “Fire Exit Notices” and “Fire Emergency Instruction Notices” displayed at strategic points throughout the Home, as advised by the local “Fire Department”. Staff are instructed during induction training with regard to the Fire Prevention/Drills Policy. This includes use of the homes fire appliances, evacuation, muster points, raising the alarm, etc.  Residents are informed of the emergency procedure during admission. A fire exercise is carried out weekly which ensures all staff and residents have a comprehensive understanding of their responsibilities. A full fire drill is conducted monthly, which involves “theoretical” evacuation of the Home and all the fire systems and alarms tested. All fire doors within the Home that may need to be held open for the aid of residents’ mobility are fitted with ‘Dorgard’ sound activated door closure devices. All fire-fighting equipment is checked annually by a qualified fire extinguisher maintenance engineer.
  • Religion (Worship/Attendance at Religious Services)

    Residents may attend religious services either within or outside the home as they so desire. A local lay preacher is available for Home visits as are local clergy. If services are outside the home, the staff will be only too pleased to arrange transport and an escort if appropriate. Residents have the right to meet clergy of their chosen denomination at any time. If required, a private room will be made available for such meetings.
  • Contact with Family and Friends

    Resident’s family, relatives and friends are encouraged to visit the resident regularly and maintain contact by letter or telephone when visiting is not possible. In these cases, staff will offer to assist the resident to respond where help may be needed. Visitors will be welcomed at all reasonable times and are asked to let the person in charge know of their arrival and departure from the home. For Safety reasons, visitors must sign the visitors’ book on each occasion. A private room is available for residents and their visitors, if needed. The resident has the right to see all visitors in private and a room will be made available if they so wish. The resident has the right to refuse to see any visitor and this right will be respected and up-held by the person in charge who will inform the visitors accordingly.
  • Complaints

    If as a resident, relative or visitor, you feel that there is cause for complaint, you should first discuss the matter with  the person in charge. If the matter is in your opinion, a serious one, or if you remain dissatisfied, you can record the complaint in the complaints register, which is available from the person in charge. A full investigation will be made into the complaint and you will be advisedof the results as soon as possible. If after this investigation, you are still not satisfied, or if you feel that the complaint is of a serious nature and you wish to speak to a registration officer, then you should contact the Care Quality Commission whose address is contained in the Home's Complaints Procedure and the Contract of Residency. Also contained therein are the contact details for your local Social Services Department and Protection of Vulnerable Adults team who may also be of assistance to you.
  • Bereavement

    In the unfortunate event of bereavement the family can expect every possible support and consolation from staff. Whereas funeral arrangements are usually made by the next of kin, the Home Staff can be relied upon to assist and explain what is required. Where there is no next of kin, the staff will attend to the necessary arrangements.
  • Leaving or Temporarily Vacating

    If a person wishes to be discharged from the Home, then 4 weeks’ notice must be given in writing, or 4 weeks paid in lieu of notice. These conditions are waived during the 4 week trial period. If a resident temporarily moves out of the Home (e.g. to receive hospital treatment) the bed is retained for a period up to six weeks at the full weekly accommodation charge and thereafter the accommodation will be retained at a cost of 80% of the accommodation charge for a period of time as agreed between Thornlea Care Home and the Resident or his/her representatives, unless four weeks termination of contract is given by either party to the other. In the case of social work funded residents, this retention period would be reviewed by the Home Manager.
  • Monitoring and Quality

    Within the Home, there are various systems which ensure that close monitoring is maintained on all of the Home’s services and procedures. Attention to the smallest detail is pivotal to everything that we do. An important part of our quality programme is to involve the residents and their relatives. We regularly ask for comments on the Home, staff and services we provide and conduct regular resident meetings to obtain feedback from the care we provide.
  • Pets

    Whilst we acknowledge the fact that many people have pets for company during their lifetime and that they may wish to bring an animal with them when they move, the management has a responsibility to all residents with regard to health and safety although this is not to say we do not permit pets. The Manager will treat each case dependent upon need and circumstance and the number of pets already at the home. A white ‘Irish Fancy’ canary currently resides in Thornlea Care Home.
  • Medication

    If a resident wants to be self-medicating and is safe to do so then all help and advice is given. Otherwise, all drugs will be managed by the staff and dispensed and ordered for them under the instructions of the Doctor. Any resident may request to see a doctor in private, if they wish. Should a resident wish to self-medicate the Home asks that they put this in writing.
  • Telephone

    The Home has a phone, which can be used by the residents for incoming calls in the privacy of their own room. It can also be used for outgoing calls at a nominal fee. Residents may have their own private line through British Telecom at the appropriate connection and rental rate.
  • How to Contact External Agencies

    Whilst staying at Thornlea you may require the services of a solicitor, accountant, bank manager, advocate or the Citizens Advice Bureau, for example (this is not an exhaustive list). If you require contact numbers and addresses for any one of these professionals please do not hesitate to ask the Manager or any member of staff who will be only too pleased to assist you. The Home also has letter headed stationery available for any resident who requires this.
  • Residents' Opinion

    The Home has a compliments file which everyone is able to see. Within this file are satisfaction questionnaires which have been completed by existing and past resident's and their families and friends.  Questionnaires are also available for the new residents to complete, when they wish to. Any additional views which you wish to have recorded may also be put on this file, whether anonymously or not. Please ask to see the file. Regular resident meetings are held for feedback, suggestions and requests and the care team are always on-hand to provide immediate support to individuals as and when needed.
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